Employment Phtlosophy

The Company Treats the employees as the most valuable assets, desires to attract excellent and high-potential talents, provides personal development platform for each employee, hopes each employee to have a bright future in Shichuang Energy and conveys the essence of corporate culture.

Talent concept of Shichuang: People first, right people for right job, innovative surpassing and mutual success.

Employment policy of Shichuang Energy: Retain talents with bright future, pleasant environment, high salary and sincere emotions.

The ocean grows bigger for welcoming every stream and the mountain becomes higher for accepting every dust. If a person wants to have a successful career, he must attach great importance to the accumulation of knowledge and experience. As the saying goes, no pains no gains. Therefore, we need to work hard to achieve success.

The Company provides good development platform and great development opportunities for employees to make them make good use of their abilities, explore their potentials, create nice work performance and grow with the Company together.

The Company builds good working environment and healthy corporate culture to make all the employees feel cohesion and have a sense of belonging.

The Company will try its best to provide competitive salary and benefits in order to reach a win-win situation between the Company and employees.

We sincerely invite you to join us to make a bright future. 

Contact Information


Email:[email protected]

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